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Chic and Trendy Hairstyles to Try This Summer Season!

The summer is the ideal season to update your appearance with stylish and current haircuts. Planning outdoor events or beach vacations? A well chosen haircut can really set you unique. Now we will explore some amazing hairstyles that will keep you fashionable and hip this season along with advice on how to pull them off with Lush N Lure hair products.

Effortless Beach Waves

Nothing captures the essence of summer like beach waves. This relaxed and wavy style gives you that fresh from the sea look. To get perfect beach waves start with damp hair and apply Lush N Lure Spray. Scrunch your hair and let it air dry for natural texture. For more defined waves use a curling wand and tousle the curls with your fingers.

Sleek Ponytail for Every Occasion

For hot summer days the classic ponytail is both fashionable and useful. A stylish ponytail works well for any event because it may be worn high or low. To smooth down flyaways and give your ponytail a finished appearance use Lush N Lure Smoothing Serum. Use an elastic band to hold your hair in place then cover up the band by wrapping a tiny portion of your hair around it.

Boho Inspired Braids

Braids are a versatile and timeless option. This summer opt for a boho inspired look with loose messy braids. You can choose from side braids fishtail braids or even crown braids. To achieve this style, use Lush N Lure Texturizing Spray to add volume and texture. Gently pull apart the braids for a fuller relaxed appearance.

Refreshing Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are perfect to beat the summer heat. Styles like a pixie cut or a bob not only look stylish but are also easy to maintain. For a modern twist try an asymmetrical bob or a textured pixie cut.Use Lush N Lure Styling Mousse to add volume and definition to your short hair.

Flirty Curtain Bangs

This year curtain bangs are having a major comeback. Any haircut can benefit from the refined touch that these face framing bangs can bring. Curtain bangs look amazing with beach waves or a messy ponytail regardless of length of hair. Use Lush'N Lure Heat Protectant Spray before styling to keep your bangs looking fresh and healthy.

Half Up Half-Down Elegance

For those who wish to flaunt their lengthy hair while keeping it out of their face the half up half down look is ideal. Use an elastic or clip to fasten the top portion of your hair to achieve this style. The remainder of your hair can be left natural or styled into loose beach waves. Use finishing spray to keep your style in place all day.

Colorful Accessories

Summer is the best time to play with vibrant hair accessories. From colorful scarves to embellished clips these accessories can instantly elevate any hairstyle. Try tying a bright scarf around your ponytail or adding a flower clip to your braids.

Tousled bun effortless and stylish

A glossy bun is the perfect hairstyle for busy summer days when you want to look put together with little effort. Create a messy bun by gathering your hair into a high or low ponytail and twisting it securing it with bobby pins. Pull a few locks to frame your face and leave in a bun for a relaxed look. Finish with Lush N Lure Texturizing Spray to add volume and hold.

Top Knot Sleek and Stylish

​​​​ One stylish hairdo that is ideal for surviving the heat while maintaining a professional appearance is the Top Knot. Start by pulling your hair up into a high ponytail and circling your head from back to front. For a silky finish tip and smooth the flies with Lush N Lure Smoothing Serum. This haircut is adaptable and suitable for both formal and informal settings.

French twist Sleek and timeless

Try the French twist for some vintage glamour. To begin collect your hair at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail. Create a sleek twist at the back of the head by twisting the ponytail up and pinching the ends. For a professional appearance that lasts all day secure with bobby pins and finish with Lush N Lure Finishing Spray. This sophisticated hairdo is ideal for any special occasion including wedding parties.

Side Swept Curls Romantic and Feminine

Try side swept curls for a feminine and romantic appearance. Using a curling iron start by curling the mid lengths and ends of your hair. After the curls are in place brush them aside and use bobby pins to hold them in place. To add shine and control frizz use Lush N Lure Shine Serum. This will leave you with touchable beautiful curls that will turn heads.

Sleek low bun Sleek and elegant

Sleek low buns are a great way to seem put together and elegant. Start by putting your hair back at the nape of your neck in a low ponytail. Using bobby pins cinch the ponytail into a bun by twisting it over itself. For a sleek, polished finish and to control flyaways use Lush N Lure Styling Gel. This haircut is ideal for business or formal occasions where you want to stand out with your fashion choices.

Statement hair accessories add glamor and style

Never undervalue the ability of bold hair accessories to increase your hairdo. You can easily change your appearance with a stylish scarf to go with a bright accent a floral headband or a glossy haircut. Try on various textures and styles to discover the ideal item that accentuates your personality and ensemble. Any hairdo can easily be made to stand out by adding beauty and glamor with the assortment of hair accessories.

Tips for Maintaining Summer Hairstyles

Keeping your hairstyles looking fresh during the summer can be challenging due to heat and humidity. Here are some tips to maintain your chic looks

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