Include Curl Cream by LUSH N LURE in your hair care routine to control your hair frizz effectively.

Curl Cream Magic: Unlock the Power of Perfectly Defined Curls

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Not all people enjoy straight hair; some also love wavy, curly, and coily locks. Unfortunately, most hair products in the market contain chemicals that adversely affect the natural, gorgeous beachy waves. Although it's not less than a challenge to manage curly hair, you will have well-defined curls with radiant glow and vitality if cured well. Either tight coils or loose waves, curly hair holds a beauty that needs to be celebrated, and the only way is to nourish it with products that can easily tame your curls. Here comes the magic of CURL CREAM by LUSH N LURE, a product that revolutionized the curl care arena. With a unique curl care formula and infused goodness of argan oil, this curl cream is a versatile product that can help you achieve stunningly radiant curls. Composed of natural, organic ingredients and hydrating argan oil, curl cream holds plenty of benefits that are discussed in this blog:

Key benefits of LUSH N LURE CURL CREAM

Curl Cream Natural Ingredients

With a unique argan oil elegance, it provides intense moisture to make your curls look soft and elegant. It doesn't contain any sulfates, parabens, or artificial fragrances, which makes it gentle for your curls. Infused with argan oil, this curl cream nourishes your hair, providing deep hydration and conditioning and tames the fizziness of your curls following a lustrous silky texture.

Curl Defining Property

LUSH N LURE Curl Romance is a curl defining cream that enhances the definition of your curls and ensures that your curls are beautifully structured. Providing alluring curls, this curl cream has an expertly crafted formula to provide you with perfect curls definition. Now, say goodbye to rowdy curls and welcome perfectly structured wavy curls.

Frizz Control Curl Defining Cream

Want to get gorgeous beachy waves, but your hair easily frizzes out? LUSH N LURE solves this problem. Include Curl Cream by LUSH N LURE in your hair care routine to control your hair frizz effectively. It also ensures your hair's sleek and shiny look, removing the unruly frizz of curls.

Long-Lasting Hold and Bounce

You must ensure your curls stay fresh for extended functions throughout the day. Now, you can experience a flexible and long-lasting hold that keeps your curls magnificent throughout the day. This curl cream not only cleanses and hydrates your curls but also ensures the fabulous look of your locks from day to night. It adds a natural, mesmerizing shine to your curls, making your hair look vibrant and notably healthy.

Ethical and sustainable sourcing

LUSH N LURE curl cream is not only highly beneficial to hair but also imparts a positive impact on the environment by utilizing plant-derived ingredients only. All ingredients are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced, contributing to a sustainable and passionate beauty industry.

Affordable Curl Cream

Lush'N Lure curl cream price in Pakistan is the most affordable compared to other comparable brands. Now, you can enjoy lustrous, long-lasting locks without disturbing your budget.

How to use Curl Cream

Enhance and define your natural curls by applying the cream properly. This will help you get maximum hydration and frizz control.

  1. Cleanse your hair

First, wash your hair with LUSH N LURE shampoo, which is the best shampoo for curly hair in Pakistan, and then towel dry them to get slightly damp hair .

  1. Part your hair in sections

To ensure the cream reaches each of the curls and waves, it's better to make sections of your hair.

  1. Apply the curl cream

Now, emulsify the cream in your hands and apply it thoroughly so that every curl gets a cream coat. Apply it from your hair ends to your hair roots and evenly distribute it through your curls.

  1. Scrunch up your curls

With upward movement, scrunch your curls for a perfect definition. This will increase the hold and provide extra bounciness.

  1. Air dry your hair

The last step is to dry your hair using a hair dryer and then apply some finishing lightweight oil or serum to lock in the shine of your curls.

Curl cream in conjunction with other products

You can enhance the effect of curl cream by coupling it with other hair care products:

1. With Leave-in conditioner

For extra moisture, dampen your hair with leave-in conditioner followed by the application of Curl cream. This makes your curls look lustrous and alluring.

2. With Gel

You can enhance the hold of your locks by scrunching your curls with a small quantity of Gel after applying curl cream. This will lock the curls and improve the hold and definition of your waves.

3. With texturing spray

For more beachy curls, pair your curl cream with a good texture spray, which will help you flaunt your hair's natural curly texture with a well-defined look.

Experience the romance of your curls with Curl Romance curl cream by LUSH N LURE, with added argan oil goodness. Now, you can flaunt your natural curls with enhanced shine and bounciness and revel in the allure of your natural texture. With constant use of curl cream, your frizz will disappear, you will get lustrous locks, and your hair will dance with irresistible vitality. You can turn your head up confidently because your curls will surely tell a captivating story of charm and beauty.

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