Lush'N Lure Hair Care Bundle products which are solution of every hair problem

Hair Care Bundle: An Ultimate Solution to all Hair Problems

Are you struggling for luscious locks, sleek stands, or defined curls, and want to achieve these goals effortlessly, lush'n lure hair care bundles are here to rescue you.  Now you can transform your hair care routine with an exclusive LUSH'N LURE bundle offer. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, each bundle contains shampoo, conditioner, serum, and a hair mask, each designed to strengthen and rejuvenate your hair. These bundles incorporate formulations that are well-known for their effectiveness and quality. These bundles also contain hair growth oils for all types of hair. Whether you are struggling against dryness and dandruff, looking for shiny hair, or aiming to enhance hair health, these hair care bundles are the ultimate solutions for everything. Let’s discuss the bundles with their benefits:


ARGAN HAIR PERFECTION KIT kit contains Argan Shampoo, Argan Mask, Argan Conditioner, and Argan Serum.Providing the best dry scalp treatment, it nourishes the scalp, inhabiting healthy hair growth, which makes your hair thicker and invigorates its look. . 

Argan shampoo

Argan shampoo provides deep cleansing by removing excess oil and dirt and hydrates the scalp. Providing hair with extra moisture and vitamins, it refreshes the hair look and repairs the damaged hair. It penetrates deep into the scalp; ensuring thicker and healthy hair.

Argan mask 

Argan mask protects hair from heat damage and improves its elasticity.

Argan conditioner

Argan conditioner is best for reduced hair friction and breakage which improves manageability, giving smooth and silky finishes to your hair.

Argan serum 

Argan Serum can be applied for further shine, it is lightweight and provides nourishment, making hair look soft and shiny.


Step 1: Apply argan shampoo on wet hair and massage thoroughly into the scalp and hair. Lather for one minute and then wash thoroughly.

Step 2: After shampooing your hair, apply a hair mask on damp hair for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 3: Squeeze extra water from hair and apply conditioner from mid-length to hair ends. Leave it for 3-5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Step 4: Add a few drops of serum to your hand and apply it on the ends and into the scalp. You can apply it before blow dry.


Hair Xpress Duo hair care bundle contains hair Xpress shampoo and wonder oil. Biotion, Anagain, & Procapi present in the Xpress duo prevent hair loss and keep hair from becoming thin and provides the best hair loss treatment.

Hair Xpress shampoo

Hair Xpress Shampoo is known for improving hair strength and providing vitality by penetrating deep into the scalp. Due to its potent moisturizing properties, this shampoo nourishes dry and lifeless hair and prevents hair breakage. This shampoo is also the ultimate dandruff treatment.

Wonder oil 

Wonder oil is a magical product that unveils the wonders of your hair by restoring the natural beauty of your hair. Wonder oil is a rich blend of ingredients like Anagain, Procaple & Other Vitamins that promote hair growth and strengthen deeply your hair stands, giving you a whole new look.


Step 1: Apply oil and rub it gently through the scalp for 5 minutes until it gets absorbed into the scalp properly. Now leave it overnight. You can also apply it one hour before washing your hair.

Step 2: Apply Xpress sulfate-free shampoo on wet hair and massage it gently into hair and scalp. Now wash your hair thoroughly and enjoy dandruff-free, glossy hair.  


This hair care bundle is one of the most extensive bundles with many hair growth products. Composed of Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Serum, Heat Protection Spray, and Almond and Shea Butter Mask, this bundle promises luscious and resilient locks. Embark on the journey of hair care with the beloved locks bundle:

Keratin Shampoo 

Keratin Shampoo is specifically formulated to cleanse and nourish your hair. By penetrating deep into the scalp it infuses your hair with keratin, making it strong, smooth, and glossy. It provides dry scalp treatment and revitalizes the natural beauty of hair.

Keratin serum

Keratin Serum repairs hair and protects the tresses. It is lightweight and non-greasy. Infused with the goodness of keratin, this serum fortifies your strands making them smooth and irresistibly silky.

Rosemary and Mint Oil

Rosemary oils can help to strengthen your hair follicles, increasing hair growth and giving a lustrous look to your locks. It is effective in fighting off dandruff and promotes a good blood flow towards scalp. Nurtruring the hair follicles, it creates a nourishing environment for new hair growth.

Heat Protection Spray

It forms a protective barrier around the strands and keeps them from heat damage resulting from heat styling or sun basking. It prevents hair damage and breakage by adding an extra layer of protection and keeps hair vibrant and lively.

Almond and Shea Butter Mask

It pamper your locks and restores the natural beauty of your hair. It deeply hydrates the hair and provides dry scalp treatment. Combination of almond and shea butter is best  to make your hair soft and radiant.


Step 1: Apply keratin shampoo on wet hair and massage for 5 minutes. Now rinse properly to remove all dirt and product buildup.

Step 2: Apply almond and shea butter mask on damp hair from root to tip for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Step 3 Now apply keratin serum on damp hair and massage into hair length. It transforms your hair by providing ultimate frizz control and radiant glow.

Step 4: Spray your hair with heat protection spray from mid-length to ends. Apply it into sections of hair to make sure all hair is covered and protected.    

Final Thoughts                     

Unveil the secret to luscious locks and transform your hair care with a LUSH N LURE hair care bundle, bidding farewell to dandruff and frizz.  Infused with nourishing ingredients, these bundles are suitable for all hair types. By regular use you can indulge your hair into luxury, leaving irresistibly smooth and vibrant hair. With ultimate frizz control formula enjoy the confidence of healthy and effortlessly manageable hair. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and welcome beautifully revitalized hair with the ultimate hair care bundle of your choice.

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